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Treating contractions that cause stiffness or tightness of the muscles that interfere with normal movement, and gait in neurological patients.

Spasticity Management Clinic

Our interdisciplinary team provides treatment options for abnormal tone and spasticity management, such as botulinum toxin, nerve blocks, and oral medication therapies, in conjunction with rehabilitation, to improve mobility, function and quality of life.

Baycrest Site

anatomy of spasticity managementSpasticity is a muscle tone abnormality that often accompanies the long-term effects of neurological impairments.

Neuromuscular treatment options for abnormal tone and spasticity, such as Botulinum Neurotoxins (Botox™ or Xeomin™), nerve blocks, oral medication therapies are offered. The Spasticity Management Team at the ATC consists of several disciplines, physiatrists, neurologists, nurses, OT, PT and a Kinesiologist all with extensive experience in the practical application of rehabilitation techniques and interventions for spasticity. Through this team effort, inputs from all aspects of medicine and rehabilitation are considered and the most beneficial treatments are recommended.

The ATC Spasticity Management Program has been recognized as the “Gold Standard” in spasticity management, for people with Multiple Sclerosis and other chronic neurological disabilities. Patients seen in our clinic have a wide range of neurological conditions leading to increased muscle tone and spasticity which in turn impedes function and lessens quality of life.

ATC also incorporates spasticity management with our gait program and physiotherapy to ensure seamless best practice and superior patient care.

A doctor’s referral is required and we see patients of all ages at any point of the continuum of care.


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