Karen Hall has been working as an Occupational Therapist since 2002, providing rehabilitative and assistive technology solutions. She is an authorizer for seating and mobility and communication devices through the Assistive Devices Program.

She regularly teaches and mentors students from the University of Toronto and Humber College and has presented at numerous conferences.

Karen is originally from Newfoundland and loves being by the water.

EXPERTISE: Occupational Therapy, Seating and Mobility, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Administration

Karen Hall’s Publications

  1. Ezerzer, F. Hall, K., Moore, M., Dharas, T., Gawel, M., Zinman, L. Telepractice: Improving Access to Interdisciplinary Care for People with ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, 2007 (Supp 1); 8:104. Dec, 2007.
  2. Reviewer an Contributor. A Manual for People Living with ALSALS Society of Canada; Seventh Edition. 2012.
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  4. Hall, K., Partnoy, J., Tenebaum, S., & Dawson, D. Power Mobility Driving Training for Seniors: How Much is Enough?Assistive Technology, Volume 17.1, 47-56

Karen Hall’s Research Grants


Broda Research Grant ($15,000), Implementation of the ATC Tilt Protocol to Reduce Pressure Injuries in Long Term Care

2016 – Clinical Study Co-Investigator

Open-label, Comparative, Randomized, Cross-over, Safety and Efficacy Study of the Keeogo Powered Dermoskeleton as an Ambulation Aid in Individuals with Walking Disabilities

Karen Hall’s Presentations

March 2018                                          Assistive Technologies and Strategies for Daily Living. Parkinson’ Canada Live Stream Event, Toronto Botanical Gardens, ON

October 2017                                     Assembling Your Wellness Team. Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s: Victory Summit Toronto, ON

November 2016                                Power wheelchairs and AAC: Integrating Access. Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care AAC Provincial Rounds, Toronto, ON

June 2013                                             Parkinson’s: It Takes a TEAM. Parkinson’s Society Canada, Toronto, ON

October 2012                                     Eye Gaze: A Future Option. Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care AAC Provincial Rounds, Toronto, ON

March 2011                                         Occupational Therapy: Managing Physical and Functional Changes. Virtual Symposium on ALS ManagementALS Ontario Virtual Symposium, Toronto, ON

September 2009                               Eye Gaze Technology: What We Have Learned. Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Augmentative and Alternative Clinics Eye Gaze Day, Toronto, ON

June 2008                                             One Stop Shop Services. 9th Annual ALS Conference, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, ON

December 2007                                 Meeting the Challenges of ALS: A One-Stop Shop. 18th International Symposium on ALS/MND, Toronto, ON

February 2007                                    Prescribing Power Wheelchairs and Options. Invacare Seating and Mobility Rounds, Toronto, ON

January 2006                                      Telepractice: Improving Access to Interdisciplinary Care for People with ALS. The ALS Association Clinical Conference, Newport Beach, California

November 2006                                Power Up! Fostering Independence Through Power Mobility and Power Positioning. Health Care Innovations Conference and Trade Show, Toronto, ON

June 2006                                             Assistive Technologies. 8th Annual ALS Conference, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, ON

April 2006                                 Dysphagia and Long Term Care Project, Toronto West Regional Stroke Network, Toronto, ON