Gait Robotics Program

Neurological impairments may interfere with standing, walking, or transfer ability, and may simultaneously hinder other functional activities. Patients may have problems with balance and are therefore at increased risk for falling and dizziness; other issues that may hinder walking include chronic pain syndromes, impairing the metabolic and cardiovascular demands of exercise.

Our Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists, and Occupational Therapists work closely with our clients by providing strengthening, neuromuscular re-education, balance training, and strategies to improve gait and balance.


A therapist’s (OT or SLP) referral is preferred, however patients may sign up independently by filling out our referral form; patients are accepted on a case-by-case basis at any point in the continuum of care.


This is a fee-for-service program.

Increase strength and endurance
Improve balance
Increase standing and walking tolerance
Ensure appropriate gait
Improve independent mobility

Ready for a Referral?

Download the referral document here, or share it directly with your physician if you know their email address.

Beginning April 1st

ATC Will Only Be Providing AAC Services

Beginning on April 1st, 2022, ATC will be permanently limiting its care to providing AAC services and will no longer be accepting referrals for neurology, seating and mobility, diet and nutrition, physiotherapy, or speech therapy.

Our AAC services will continue to operate from our new home – The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre in Downtown Toronto – and is now open for referrals for all adult clients. We look forward to continuing our work through this program and encourage you to continue onto our website to learn more or to get in touch with our team.

Alternatively, if you are trying to reach one of the Neurologists who was previously working with ATC in support of a Movement Disorder or MS diagnosis, please feel free to contact them directly at 416 785 2500 Ext 2717, or fax your referral to 647 788 4886.