Parkinson’s Disease Patient Programs

We specialize in restoring comfort, mobility and independence to those living with Parkinson’s Disease and other debilitating movement disorders. Our team of experts combine traditional neurological rehab therapies with innovative computer control interfaces to give patients the ability to communicate effectively and live autonomously with dignity in their home environment.

Learn more about our Specialized Parkinson’s Programs:

Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders Clinic

Expert medical care, nutritional counseling, rehabilitation, education and assistive technology for those living with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders.

Parkinson’s Care Counseling

Private sessions, aiding patients and their loved ones coping with Parkinson’s diagnoses and daily life.

Gait Robotics Program

Neuromuscular re-education and other neuro-rehab strategies, technologies and tools to improve gait, balance, posture and activities of daily living.

Spasticity Management Clinic

Treatment through botulinum toxin, nerve blocks, and oral medication therapies, in conjunction with rehabilitation to improve mobility, function and quality of life.

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