Swallowing Examination

Our Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) and Registered Dietitians conduct a chair-side swallow test and take an integrated approach to individualize patient swallowing and food-intake plan, ensuring patients can eat and drink safely.

Clients are provided with recommendations to optimize safe and adequate intake.

Specific problems addressed include: choking on food, coughing on liquids, drooling, spillage of food from mouth, slow effortful eating, uncontrolled fast eating, difficulty swallowing pills, pocketing of food in cheeks after eating or if patient complains of difficulty swallowing.

Patients will be provided with nutritional supplement recommendations, food preparation suggestions, and in some cases, our Speech Therapists will refer clients for specialized swallowing x-rays or other tests and services.


A physician’s referral is required; patients are accepted on a case-by-case basis at any point in the continuum of care.


This service is provided free of charge to our Parkinson’s, Stroke, ALS and MS clients.

Ensure safe eating and drinking
Individualized food preparation and nutritional supplement recommendations
Integrated approach by Speech Therapists and Registered Dieticians

Ready for a Referral?

Download the referral document here, or share it directly with your physician if you know their email address.