Elkie Adler Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

This clinic is for people who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and is provided on the Baycrest site only. Our programs provide services of neurologists, physiatrists, cognitive specialists, and MS specialists.


Jeff and Diane Ross Movement Disorders Clinic

This clinic offers expert medical and rehabilitation management, as well as education and leading edge assistive technology in the areas of mobility aids, augmentative communication aids, and computerized applications to meet the complete needs of our patients and families.


Introducing: Live Well with Parkinson's

Announcing the launch of a new collaborative website providing information for patients and their families on how to live well with Parkinson's.


Environmental Aids for Daily Living

Environmental Aids for Daily Living are electronic devices used by individuals which enable them to interact with their environments (home, work, and school). Devices can include: Televisions, Telephones, Door Openers, Call Bells, Bed Controls and other adapted solutions

For more information click HERE.

NE-GTA Regional Stroke Program

Offers specialized outpatient services for adults who have been diagnosed with Stroke.


ATC Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Program

The ATC ALS Program at Sunnybrook offers specialized outpatient services for adults who have been diagnosed with ALS. Treatment focuses on improving the clients' functional abilities so that they can live as independently as possible.


ATC Seating and Mobility Program

The Seating and Mobility clinic caters to people with mobility impairments related to neurological, orthopedic, cardiac, pulmonary and other challenges.


ATC Gait Technology Program

Neurological impairments may interfere with standing, walking, or transfer ability and may simultaneously hinder other functional activities. Patients may have problems with balance and are therefore at increased risk for falling and dizziness.


ATC Upper Extremity Program

The ATC Upper Extremity Program (UEP) is a rehabilitation program utilizing a multi-component protocol designed to reduce motor deficit of the upper extremities (UEs) in patients after neurological injury.


ATC Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Program

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is the use of communication technology to enhance speech or to provide an alternative means of communication when speech is not possible or functional.


Spasticity Management Program

Spasticity is a muscle tone abnormality that often accompanies the long-term effects of neurological impairments.


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ATC Updates

Environmental Aids for Daily Living program relaunches at ATC. EADL referral forms now available. For more information click HERE.

Baycrest Site

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Sunnybrook Site

SCIL - U Wing
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