Focus Groups

ATC sees over 5,000 patients a year, and we’re constantly looking at better ways to help them with new products. With a niche audience, we’re able to organize focused attention for product feedback in a managed program.

Dedicated Audience

With a large population of patients with complex neurological diseases, we’re able to create a targeted audience complying with your study needs. Be it age, gender, diagnosis, or any variable you’re looking to control.

Proven Methods

We apply proven methods to ensure our Focus Groups are effective and efficient. From formulating questions and establishing testing protocols to reporting and analysis, our focus groups are built on years of experience.

Managed Programs

We take the burden of managing timelines, stakeholders, facilities, and project overhead off your shoulders. All our focus groups are managed by program managers with experience in managing large multi-faceted projects.

Reporting and Analysis

Easily get to grips with the results with our expert analysis and recommendations. Focus groups are not just a matter of asking questions, but an opportunity to get to the root of problems. We like to dig a little deeper to provide data driven recommendations that offer actionable insight and help you move quickly.

Ready to talk?

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